About us



In the mid-summer of 2011, the very first Born Poor Live Rich T-shirt was created in St. Louis, Missouri. The original design consisted of only the words "BORN POOR LIVE RICH" spelled out going down the front of the t-shirt. Even though the first design was very basic, it still spoke volumes to the masses in the city. Everyone wanted a Born Poor Live Rich t-shirt. 

Later that year new designs were created and the hobby turned into a brand. This was the official beginning of the clothing brand that you see today. The brand has evolved from a basic T-shirt line to a full clothing brand that offers a variety of products with so much more to come in the future.

Our Mission Statement

In a world where almost everyone was “Born Poor”, we encourage people to “Live Rich”. Not just in the literal sense but metaphorically. By enriching oneself, by way of knowledge, spirituality, financially and emotionally you begin to embody what it means to “Live Rich”. One person, one day at a time is how we strive to motivate those around us.